Agile Ready Course Outline

The Agile Ready Course is designed to take participants on a journey to discover not only what they need to do to participate in an Agile team, but who they need to BE. Ready to book in? Get in touch! 


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Introduction to Agile as a Way of Working

– The rapidly changing VUCA World

– Agility and high performance culture

– Agile mindset

Embracing Agility

– Agile Mindset, Values, Principles & Practices

– Agile and Teamwork

– Iterative Delivery

– Methods Explained (e.g. Scrum and Kanban)

– Prioritisation, Estimation and Minimal Viable Product

– Traditional vs. Agile ways of working – finding a fit for purpose way forward

– Agile Ceremonies

Agile Simulation Exercise

– An immersion designed to give participants a real experience of working in an Agile way

Review & Close

– Connecting the Dots – where it all comes together!

– Action planning

All participants will be provided with a detailed course workbook and copies of any electronic templates used.

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I’m Ready!