Agile Team Strengths

Your Agile Team Strengths - a workshop based program and an opportunity for your Agile team to maximise their ability to deliver outstanding results by discovering and using their collective strengths deliberately within your Agile ecosystem. The power of Strengths is infinite. Couple that with all that Agile has to offer, and you make your team unstoppable.

Why Strengths?

By choosing to focus on what is going well in your team, you unlock future potential. This does not mean ignoring the weaknesses, but rather understanding what needs to be managed while achieving exponential results from focusing on what the team already does well. And using those talents to solve problems and achieve new goals. Strengths have an incredible benefit to the individual (just knowing and using strengths day-to-day). Imagine that multiplied in a team! Check out a recent client experience here.

Benefits of participating in Agile Team Strengths:

  • Increased understanding of each other leading to an improved ability to work together
  • Increased empathy toward each other leading to high performance (Google conducted a study)
  • Alignment of team goals with collective capabilities
  • Supercharged delivery due to everyone working in their 'sweet spot'
  • Shared language and agreed ways of working based on team strengths
  • The chance for everyone on the team to see how their unique talents contribute to the team's high performance
  • Improved team cohesion and commitment
  • Practical application of Strengths in an Agile working environment

Your Agile Team Strengths Workshop

A typical workshop starts with pre-work:

  • Strengths assessment (individual)
  • Meeting with team leadership to establish goals
  • 1:1s with team members to discuss the strengths approach

The workshop itself focuses on:

  • Introduction to Strengths
  • The collective strengths of your Agile team
  • How to harness and focus the team's collective strengths to achieve goals.


agile team strengths

Follow-up involves:

  • 1:1s with team members to help craft development activities that align with team goals
  • Team meeting to follow up on committed actions and ensure accountability
  • Coaching support to embed Strengths into the team culture and ensure continuous improvement

Every workshop is practical and interactive, and facilitated by Emma Sharrock, a highly experienced Agile leader and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Open discussions are encouraged with all participants walking away with tangible actions they can apply immediately to contribute toward team goals.

Agile Team Strengths is an in-house offering only. If you are ready for your team to take part in this program, simply get in contact with "My Agile team Strengths" in the header of your note, so we know to get back to you quickly.