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The Agile Project Manager was written for you. Yes, you! The person looking for a new and better way to work and live.

About me

Emma Sharrock is one of Australia’s leading Agile practitioners, with over ten years’ experience leading and coaching Agile teams. An accredited coach and trainer with extensive project and change management experience, Emma is passionate about working with people to transform the way they work and live.


Emma truly believes that successful change is possible for anyone willing to shift their mindset. For anyone willing to implement small changes to make a big difference. For anyone willing to be Agile. Are you?

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Emma Sharrock


Looking to fast track your Agile know-how? Check out Agile Quick Start – a short course designed for you to come up to speed on the most important things you need to know about Agile as a way of working.


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The Agile Project Manager was written for you. Yes, you! The person looking for a new and better way to work and live. You are more than aware that the world we live in is rapidly changing, and if we want to survive (and thrive!) we need to keep up. Having an Agile mindset, supported by right-sized practices, can help you.

The world of Agile can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. ‘Agile’ simply means to move quickly and easily. The Agile Project Manager provides strategies that will help you do just that, by breaking down the principles of Agile and describing how you too can be truly Agile.

Work With Me

When it comes to creating successful change, whether on an organisational, team or personal level, it takes a positive shift. But you don’t have to do it alone. The Agile Project Manager is your secret weapon to thrive in this rapidly changing world we find ourselves in. It’s jam packed full of tools and techniques that will ensure you get the results you are looking for. I am also available to work with you and your teams to put these learnings into practice. Get in touch for an initial consultation so I can better understand your needs and goals.

Recent News


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New beginnings

It’s the new year, and as we big goodbye to a challenging year, we are also gearing up for a new year. Often at this time of the year, we’re setting goals, or perhaps doing a Past Year Review. It’s a time of new beginnings, fresh starts. I love the ‘newness’ of the new year,…
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The Agile PM Past Year Review

2020 Past Year Review

We have all had challenging years in the past. It may have been because of work, a relationship, a personal challenge or grief. But what was different about those challenging years was that although we found support from friends and family, our challenges were still our own. What makes this year different is the collective…
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Adapting vs Adopting

I realised this month that we have spent over half the year in ‘pandemic mode’. What was new has started to become the new normal. Is anyone struggling to remember what life was like prior to 2020? It’s been a big year so far. We have collectively endeavoured to make sense of a year full…
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