agile capability coaching

Hi! I’m Emma Sharrock, and I am passionate about all things that involve change and people, and have worked as a project and change manager since 1999. I founded a coaching business in 2011, and since then have been looking for ways I could “converge” my passions for projects and change and human behaviour.

I feel that in this increasingly complex world, we are losing the human aspect of project and change management. We are prioritising tools and templates over relationships and human interaction. It’s getting harder to take the time to meet with someone face-to-face to understand their concerns when there are a million spreadsheets waiting to be filled in and a new process that now needs to be followed.

My goal with The Agile Project Manager is to provide simple tools and techniques to assist project professionals to achieve project success. And these tools and techniques are all about you, because that is where the biggest difference can be made.

“A fantastic read with lots of very valuable insights. I truly wish I had read something like this at the start of my project management journey, as it would have helped a huge amount!”

Stephen Dowling, ETM Management Training (CEO & Founder)

“Many have attempted to formulate and articulate what Agile is. What Emma shares is her astute experience on what the key Agile principles are and how they apply to achieve success in ANY change – she has pulled it off!”

Lisa Poulton, Coach @ Maximise Talent