As a project and change manager since 1999, and having literally authored the book on Agile, I am one of Australia’s leading Agile consultants. Working in tandem with you and your team, I will design a consulting package to transform your organisation into a truly Agile one, and bring real change into play.

All of my consulting programs are tailored to the requirement of each organisation, as I strongly feel it’s the only way to gain maximum engagement and achieve the success you need.


With over seven years of coaching experience under my belt, a specialisation in Agile and certified in Gallup Strengths, I am the coach to bring Agile to life in your team or organisation. Or for you personally, working from a place of strength.

I offer a range of coaching packages, from 1:1 to team workshops and ongoing coaching support to ensure new insights and learnings are embedded. All coaching engagements are designed to truly integrate the Agile way of thinking, being and doing.

certified Gallup Strengths coach agile

Let's design the right package for you and your organisation

Contact me for an initial meeting or phone conversation to discuss your requirements, objectives and desired outcomes. I can advise you immediately on approaches that will work for your organisation, and will create a recommended coaching or consulting program that will get the results you need. Get in touch with me today and let’s get you Agile.