How can we best work together to achieve your Agile capability goals?


Workshops are an amazing way to align goals, uplift capability and connect as a team. All workshops contain carefully curated and original content designed to do all this, and customised to your needs.

Agile Ready: 1 day workshop designed to give participants what they need so they can actively participate in an Agile team. Perfect for people contributing to Agile teams, who are not expected to lead them.

Agile Ready for Teams: 1 day workshop designed for a team to learn together and establish a working rhythm, shared language and team goals.

Delivering Successful Projects in Fast-Paced Change: A popular 2- day workshop for business leaders looking to effectively deliver business-focused initiatives without the overload of formal project management training. This workshop is delivered in-house and is customised to your organisation’s needs.

The Agile Project Manager Master class: 2 day workshop covering everything you need to know about Agile Project Management. Based on The Agile Project Manager book, as well as over 10 years working as an Agile consultant, coach and facilitator, the workshop gives participants a clear understanding of Agile Project Management and how to apply it and improve delivery results.

Agile Team Strengths – Unlock the power of your Agile team: 1 day workshop that gives teams an understanding of their collective strengths, and how they can be used to achieve outcomes and solve problems. Teams walk away knowing each other at a deeper level, which unlocks the ability to perform at an even higher level.

Scaled Agile (SAFe): I’ve joined the team at Pretty Agile to help you launch and maintain your Agile Release Train, as well as deliver SAFe classes. Pretty Agile is hands down the best SAFe operator you will find in the APAC region, if not the world. The directors were some of the first to be trained by Dean Leffingwell, and their experience is broad and deep. It’s an honour to be part of such an amazing team! You can find upcoming public workshops here. Not sure which SAFe certification is right for you? Check out this blog post or contact the team directly.

All of my workshops are customised for your needs so you get the outcome you need to move your team to the next level.


Outside perspective is so important when dealing with fast-paced change. I bring over 20 years of change delivery experience, coupled with over ten years of coaching leaders and teams to provide a blended approach to supporting you to achieve your outcomes. As one of Australia’s leading Agile consultants, I pride myself on the results I bring to my clients by partnering with you and your teams to understand what you are looking to achieve, then applying fit for purpose solutions that involve ‘just enough’ capability uplift, consulting advice and coaching support. Coaching and consulting also incorporate content and methods from my range of workshops to ensure full coverage of your needs. I am also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Strengths is a powerful tool to unlock the true potential of your Agile team and fast track your results.

You can engage me a number of ways to get the most out of my expertise – either as a blended offering combined with a customised workshop, or as a stand alone coaching and consulting engagement, depending on your needs.  All engagements are designed to truly integrate the Agile way of thinking, being and doing so you achieve your results fast.


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Just in time, bite-sized learning at your own pace is a great way to both learn and refresh your knowledge. Check out Agile Quick Start – a short online course designed to get you up to speed with Agile as a way of working.

Agile Training Online Agile Quickstart

Let's design the right approach for you and your organisation

Contact me for an initial meeting or phone conversation to discuss your requirements, objectives and desired outcomes. I can advise you immediately on approaches that will work for your organisation, and will create a recommended program that will get the results you need. Get in touch with me today and let’s get started!