Delivering Successful Projects

We all want successful projects! Projects can be big, projects can be small. Some projects seem so small that you wonder if you need a project at all. The temptation is to 'run it as BAU'. And while this may seem less of a hassle than initiating a project, the impact of all these small initiatives on an organisation can add up to millions of dollars of benefits. Or millions of dollars of waste. Unfortunately, most organisations experience the latter. Even the smallest initiative can have the biggest impact if something goes wrong. And while you may not need to fully qualify as a project manager to deliver successful projects on this small scale, you still need the skills to start, run, communicate and implement initiatives in your business.

Delivering Successful Projects in Fast-Paced Change

A lot of the reason why these small initiatives end up wasting millions of dollars is they fail to recognise how much change can happen in a short period of time. We are experiencing a period of rapid change like no other. It's not enough to agree on a bunch of requirements and get going on them. We need to ensure we engage the right people, agree on an outcome, and deliver value iteratively, checking in with our stakeholders that what we're delivering is still want they need/want.

Delivering Successful Projects in Fast-Paced Change was designed to upskill business leaders in effectively planning and running initiatives - giving them all the benefits of project management training without the extensive theory they do not (and will not) need. We call it "just enough". Just enough to deliver value, not too much that it takes away from your primary role in the business. Participants who have completed this course have been able to immediately drive clarity of outcomes with their project stakeholders and deliver clear business cases, business benefits and project results. It saved their organisations thousands in project delivery costs and wasted effort.

Course Outline

The course is modularized and can be customised, depending on your organisation's needs and focus. It is designed to be delivered live online over two days or four days.


  • What is a Project? Why Project Management Matters
  • Being the Project Leader
  • Project Planning
  • Project Roles and Stakeholders
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Running your Project
  • Practical Tips
  • Project Closure

If you would like to know more, please get in touch so we can discuss your specific goals.