Agile Project Management Masterclass Pre-work

Welcome! You are here because you’re about to participate in an Agile Project Management masterclass. This pre-work is designed to get you in the headspace for learning so you maximise your time in the training room. It should take about 15 minutes and involves watching a few videos and answering some questions. Not a long time, but totally worth it!

Please watch this video before the workshop as we discuss the importance of purpose and vision when planning Agile projects:

These videos will be played in the training but feel free to watch them ahead of time as well:

Examples of workplace projects

Bring examples of your current projects, as we will refer to them as much as possible, as well as use them as live examples to bring the content to life for you. Take some time to think about what project(s) you would like to discuss in the session.

Take some time to set a clear outcome

What are you looking at getting out of this workshop? What would make the masterclass a success for you? We’ll be talking about this in the workshop, so thinking about this ahead of time will really help.

What questions do you have?

What questions do you have about Agile Project Management or Agile in general that you would like answered?

Download this print-friendly one-pager to capture your thoughts and bring it to the training.