Inspired by Derek Sivers this Now page summarises what I’m working on right now.

Last updated 18th April, 2018

What am I doing Now?

I’m enjoying the cooler weather in Melbourne, Australia. I’m still loving the flexibility of working for myself, and working to carve out time to write and reflect, as well as look after my clients’ Agile coaching and capability needs. Today is one of those days. After getting some pesky admin tasks out of the way!

Agile Capability Work

I’m still working with a number of fabulous clients to uplift their Agile capability. What I love is that I am not so much sharing knowledge, but creating an experience where they connect to what they already know (and do!). I’m playing around with some thoughts on using what you love as a way of becoming more Agile in preparation for my PMI talk at the end of May.

My next book: The Agile Energy Project

The book is coming along nicely with the latest version being edited as we speak. My editor is amazing. The changes she suggests mean that it looks like a better version of me is writing.

I’m still collaborating with like-minded thinkers to explore new ideas and express them in a way that lands. It’s one of my favourite things.

handstands, agile, progressMy handstands

I started a new cycle of arm strength and balance work, and am loving it. I’ve mastered some pretty cool poses that I’m pretty proud of. As with anything it is a journey that never ends, with triumphs and frustrations happening in equal measure.

Here’s a progress shot from the Grampians in March.

That’s it. For now anyway… 🙂

Why a Now Page?

As a business owner there is a lot I could be doing. A LOT. The danger is I try and do everything and end up just starting a bunch of things but finish nothing. A Now Page keeps me focused on the most important things and nothing else. It is effectively my Musts – the things I absolutely have to do if I want to be successful. But it’s not all about the mandatory things in life, there are some delightful things in there as well.

Why Now?

I read Derek’s book some time ago, and my Now page was on my to do list for some time. But I was ‘too busy’ to sit down and think about what I am working on right now. Ha! Then I spent a day with Dr Jason Fox, author of The Game Changer and How to Lead a Quest, and I took time out to think about what was important to me. There are a few key projects I am working on that if I can do them, life will be good.

Updating my Now

I did a bit of research into Now Pages, and a few that I found unfortunately led to 404 errors or were six months out of date. To be honest, that’s one of the things that scared me about doing one – what if I forgot? So my commitment is to update this page monthly (okay, it’s ending up being every 6-8 weeks!) so it’s always (mostly) fresh.