High-Performance Executive Leadership


High-Performance Executive Leadership comes from my passion to help leaders and their teams improve the way they work and live. It is a powerful guidance system that works. It is a “compass” of sorts that helps guide leaders away from damaging business myths that were once truths. It opens your eyes to outdated ways of thinking that could be holding you back, such as the perceived need for control, certainty and complexity.



My passion for aiding senior leaders in knowing what damaging business myths are stems from my certainty that, survival in an often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world comes down to expert navigation.

While this passion stems from my navy days and developed during my years as a project manager and leadership coach, my enthusiasm also links directly to the satisfaction of seeing others achieve results that surpass their expectations – their success becomes my elation when positive outcomes are achieved by moving away from ‘old thinking’.

By understanding how to guide using the definitive “compass” as a leader, you act as a valuable navigator in facilitating unparalleled business performance and results, which stems from how you think.

This is a powerful guidance system that works – I’ve seen the difference that can be made to organisations, both big and small in Australia and globally.

High-Performance Executive Leadership opens your eyes to outdated ways of thinking that could be holding you back, such as:

  • The more control I have in my organisation, the better the results I can expect
  • I believe that complex problems require a complex solution
  • If I don’t see my team working all the time, I question if they are delivering value
  • My team performance is fine; it’s the other teams that need the performance help
  • We have all the resources we need internally to address our performance issues; we don’t need any outside perspective