The Agile Project Manager Masterclass

The world is changing faster than ever. Our future is becoming more difficult to predict. What does this mean for projects? While many organisations are moving to a product delivery model, we still need to deliver change effectively and efficiently across value streams and business units. And a project is sometimes the best vehicle to do this. Agile Project Management enables fast, effective change while still meeting your organisation's needs for governance and oversight. Based on The Agile Project Manager: Thrive in Change with Agile book and thought leadership from Jim Highsmith and Rob Thomsett, this 2-day course equips participants with everything they need to start running projects in a more Agile way.

An Agile approach to Agile Project Management

You don't have to change everything you do overnight. By choosing two to three key actions from your learning experience, you can make a big difference to the projects you are running right now, as well as future projects. We all learn differently, so the modules are designed to blend classroom style learning with interactive exercises to put what you learn into practice immediately. The masterclass is supported by online learning modules to do at your own pace including a fillable PDF workbook.

Benefits of Agile Project Management:

  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction
  • High quality project outcomes
  • A more motivated project team
  • More project control and governance oversight
  • Increased visibility and achievement of project benefits
  • Faster time to market and Return on Investment

Your Agile Project Manager Masterclass

A typical masterclass starts with pre-work:

  • Access to Agile QuickStart - a short online course to introduce participants to Agile mindset and concepts
  • Access to team collaboration tools to introduce yourself and share your goals for the masterclass
  • A copy of  The Agile Project Manager book
  • Masterclass workbook (physical)
  • Masterclass workbook (virtual and fillable)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the key attributes of an Agile mindset
  • Describe the Agile Project Management life cycle
  • Discuss Agile project roles in the context of your project
  • Illustrate the differences between traditional and Agile methods of project delivery
  • Apply Agile planning, prioritisation and estimation techniques to a project
  • Determine success criteria for a project
  • Select and evaluate key stakeholders for an Agile project
  • Support a project team in right-sized Agile practices
  • Close an Agile project

After the Masterclass:

  • Post masterclass coaching call to share progress on actions and to answer context-specific questions
  • Continued access to team collaboration tools to stay in touch post course

Every workshop is practical and interactive, and facilitated by Emma Sharrock, a highly experienced Agile leader and coach. Open discussions are encouraged with all participants walking away with tangible actions they can apply immediately to improve the way they plan and implement change.

The Agile Project Management Masterclass is an in-house offering only, however the occasional public course is possible depending on demand. If you would like to book a course, or find out more, simply get in contact with "Agile PM Masterclass" in the header of your note, so we know to get back to you quickly.