Agile Ready for Teams

The world is changing. Are YOU ready? Is your team ready? Is your team Agile Ready?

Chances are you’re probably been working to be more ready for this fast-paced world we find ourselves in, either as individuals before joining the team or possibly even as a team. But what you’re noticing is that your team still doesn’t have that ‘buzz’ of productivity you need to get the results you are after. You know what’s possible as you have either experienced it firsthand or noticed it in teams and organisations around you.

Why Agile Ready for Teams?

Many teams are choosing to adopt an Agile mindset, and the values, principles & practices that support that mindset. And they are choosing to do this in a way that not only uplifts the capability of their teams, but also establishes an operating model, shared language and a real sense of team – ultimately leading to more productivity and engagement. Your time is limited, and we want to make sure you spend it in the best way possible.

Benefits of participating in Agile Ready for Teams:

  • Agile capability uplift for the whole team – customised to the team’s needs
  • Shared language and agreed ways of working based on the Agile mindset and principles
  • The chance for everyone on the team to contribute to forming a high-performing team
  • Improved team cohesion and commitment
  • Practical application of Agile principles and practices to a current team challenge or opportunity

Agile Ready for Teams was designed to meet your immediate need for capability uplift as well as your need to form as a team quickly in order to achieve your outcomes. The program is based upon the successful Agile Ready workshop that was designed for people new to Agile who need to be ready to actively participate in an Agile team. Agile Ready for Teams includes the core content from this workshop, as well as customised content specific to your team and their needs.

What’s Involved?

As the material is customised for you, we spend some time with you up-front understanding your team goals, needs, challenges and opportunities. This is best done as a meeting (face to face or Zoom). Participants will then be invited to complete some pre-work (just a quick one-pager) before the workshop itself. Follow-up after the workshop assists in ensuring learnings are put into practice and embedded as a way of working.

Agile Ready for teams is practical and interactive, run by Emma Sharrock, author of The Agile Project Manager, and Stephen Dowling, founder of ETM Management; with the goal of providing teams with a world class Agile short short course, as well as the confidence to embed and evolve Agile practices in the team. The workshop is customised to ensure the team’s needs are met, with open discussions encouraged to ensure all participants connect the content with how they work as a team.

Agile Ready for Teams is an in-house offering only. If you are ready for your team to take part in this program, simply get in contact with “My team is Ready” in the header of your note, so we know to get back to you quickly.


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