Agile Ready – Are you Ready?

The world is changing. Are YOU ready? Are you Agile Ready?

Chances are you’re probably not. The pace of change is accelerating, and organisations are recognizing the importance of adapting if they want to prosper and thrive in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world we find ourselves in.

To ensure this, many organisations are adopting an Agile mindset, and the values, principles & practices that support that mindset. In order to adopt this new way of thinking, organisations are taking a mindful approach to capability uplift – fit for purpose training that achieves the outcome of their people being ready to participate in teams working in an Agile way.

Agile Ready was co-created by Stephen Dowling of ETM Mangement and Emma Sharrock, author of The Agile Project Manager, with the goal of providing participants with a world class short course in Agile, enabling participants to be ready to actively take part in an Agile team. The course is jam packed full of Agile goodness, and is highly interactive, focused on ensuring everyone walks away with immense value. Check out the course outline for more detail.

The course is extremely practical and interactive, and facilitated by highly experienced Agile leaders who encourage open discussions to enable all participants to see how the theory can be applied to their own individual workplaces and situations.

Agile Ready training sessions are currently being run in-house for a number of clients in Sydney and Melbourne with the occasional public course offering depending on demand.  If you are ready to participate in a session, simply get in contact with “I’m Ready” in the header of your note, so we know to get back to you quickly with options.

Looking to train your whole team? Check out Agile Ready for Teams – all the benefits of Agile Ready, customised for your team and its context.


I’m Ready!

What People are Saying about Agile Ready

95% of participants shared their expectations had been Fully Met or Exceeded

76% of participants received Exceptional or Very Good Value

87% of participants claimed this course was the Best or on par with the Best

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I’m Ready!