Getting back your mojo

Getting Back your Mojo

Have you ever experienced a feeling of “meh”? Like you just can’t be bothered? And you wondered how you could have been feeling full of beans only a few days (weeks?) ago. This is sometimes known as “mojo” or zest for life. Some people seem to have it in abundance. Some people have it then lose it. Where did your mojo go? How do you get it back? I have good news for you. Getting back your mojo is easier than you think. Read on…

Why did you lose your mojo?

The first thing to examine is why did you lose it in the first place? What changed for you? Even though you’re not feeling that great right now, it’s worth sitting with this feeling, however unpleasant, and examining the purpose it might be fulfilling for you.

What? What do you mean this glum feeling is fulfilling a purpose? I don’t think so!

In this day and age of positivity (and don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it), we forget that it’s actually okay to sit with negative feelings. Masking them with pretend positive feelings does nothing for you in the long term. It’s okay to sit with a negative feeling for a while and question its purpose. What might it be giving you? What could it teach you? Gently peel back the layers and see what lies beneath. Don’t spend too long here – just enough time to gain an insight into why you are feeling this way.

How would you like it to be?

This next step is tricky… At this point it’s easy to look back on when you did have your mojo and say “I want that back!” You see, the thing is, we can’t go back in time. Over time, we grow and learn and become better people. Asking to experience that exact same feeling in your past now is the same as saying you want to be the same height as you were when you were four.

It just doesn’t work. However…

You can draw upon times in your past to craft a whole new feeling. How you want it to be now. And of course it can be a mixture of what you have felt before. But here’s the thing. It’s NEW. Based on your experiences, how would you like to feel instead? What would it look like? What are you doing? What can you see? What can you hear? At this point it’s also okay to keep it really high level. By resisting going into specifics, your unconscious mind stays open to all possibilities. Because at this point, you don’t want limitations placed upon how awesome things are going to be when you have your mojo back! Sit with this for a while and really relish the feeling of being back “on”, feeling great. Imagine how you are going to feel and feel that feeling NOW. Notice how great it feels.

Now, while your mind is open and you’re feeling great, write it all down. I love my technology, but this bit is best done with pen and paper. Write anything you can see, hear or feel in longhand. No one is going to read this but you so don’t worry about sounding like a dork.

What next?

Once you have written it all down and basked in that amazing feeling (take your time!), it’s time for action planning. I love this bit because you don’t have to know EVERYTHING you have to do, just the first 3-5 steps. If you know more, great, include them. These are not just ideas though. These are tangible steps you are going to take to move you closer to your goal. You know what success looks, sounds and feels like. What are 3-5 things you can commit to right now that will move you closer? When are you going to do them by? It’s great to be ambitious but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This is supposed to be fun! I know my immediate steps last time I did this exercise were:

  1. Go for a walk in the sunshine for half an hour
  2. Sit under a tree and stare at the sky through the leaves
  3. Do nothing for at least twenty minutes except pat and cuddle my kittens
  4. Write 750 words about whatever I like

I guarantee, once you have completed your first 3-5 steps, you will know what to do next. And next. And next. And before you know it, you will be all like “My mojo is back!” or “I never lost my mojo!” Seriously. It’s true.

How did these steps work for you? Do you have any other insights you would like to share? 

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