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changing nature of change

The Changing Nature of Change

By Emma Sharrock / March 10, 2021 / Comments Off on The Changing Nature of Change

Life is about continuous change – we totally know this. However, never before have we experienced the rate and type of change that we are experiencing now. It’s faster, it’s more unpredictable, and it has a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it. While we try and stay on top, it…

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The Agile PM Past Year Review

2020 Past Year Review

By Emma Sharrock / December 17, 2020 / Comments Off on 2020 Past Year Review

We have all had challenging years in the past. It may have been because of work, a relationship, a personal challenge or grief. But what was different about those challenging years was that although we found support from friends and family, our challenges were still our own. What makes this year different is the collective…

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The Gift of Bad Behaviour

By Emma Sharrock / January 24, 2020 / Comments Off on The Gift of Bad Behaviour

Late last year I read an article that talked about the new focus leaders need to have in this fast paced world. I really enjoyed it, as it resonated so much with my beliefs and the work I do coaching leaders and teams in new ways of working. There were a number of comments agreeing…

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time to grow, agile

Time to Grow

By Emma Sharrock / December 19, 2019 / Comments Off on Time to Grow

Have you ever felt stuck? Restless? Listless? Lazy? Or had trouble finding joy in activities that have brought joy to you in the past? Just me? I didn’t think so… These feelings are normal and could be for a number of reasons – change of season, change of life, change of job. But it is…

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The power of unlearning

By Emma Sharrock / December 3, 2019 / Comments Off on The power of unlearning

Can you believe it’s December? I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing the days racing by. I think it’s a sign that a lot is happening If I thought I would coast through November in the wake of the glory of my book launch (I didn’t think this fortunately!) I would have been wrong.…

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What is your Purpose and How do you Learn?

By Emma Sharrock / November 12, 2019 / Comments Off on What is your Purpose and How do you Learn?

Can you believe it’s the final quarter of the year? After the excitement of the PMI Project Excellence Award announcement in our last stand up, October continued to deliver! The big news for October is I officially launched my new book: High Performance Executive Leadership. As subscribers you got an opportunity to get your hands…

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5 Signs You Are Living Your Values

By Emma Sharrock / November 7, 2019 / Comments Off on 5 Signs You Are Living Your Values

A few weeks ago I shared an experience where I received both negative and positive feedback in the same week. One was an international award and one was from a stakeholder I had worked with briefly at the same time I was coaching the award winning team. I reflected at the time that both pieces of feedback…

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PMI Award Agile Team

Learning from Winning

By Emma Sharrock / October 15, 2019 / Comments Off on Learning from Winning

I truly believe that we never stop learning. And we can learn in the most unexpected situations, like a chance encounter with a long-lost friend. Or in a more expected situation, like a classroom. Often it’s a humbling experience, as many learnings come from failures – from experiments that didn’t go the way we thought…

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Agile; Standup

Showing up and winning

By Emma Sharrock / October 9, 2019 / Comments Off on Showing up and winning

This has been one of my most exciting newsletters to write. Mainly because I have been sitting on news that I could not share until after the official announcement! A team I coached last year in Agile ways of working has won the 2019 Project Management Institute (PMI) Excellence Award. This is international recognition, and…

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Small Slices – the How To

By Emma Sharrock / September 18, 2019 / Comments Off on Small Slices – the How To

Last blog we talked about the power of a small slice. It very  much talked to why they were so important and I provided some examples. Now we’re going to talk about how to do this. There is no shortage of technical advice on this, and simply re-posting what experts like Ron Jeffries, Jeff Patton…

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Agile; Standup

Change is in the air

By Emma Sharrock / September 10, 2019 / Comments Off on Change is in the air

Can we really say it’s Spring? For those of us in the southern hemisphere, definitely! For our friends in the northern hemisphere, welcome to Fall! Your leaves are falling, and your weather is cooling, and it’s just warming up down here. Either way, we are all experiencing change. And like the seasons, we don’t experience…

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The Power of the Small Slice

By Emma Sharrock / August 29, 2019 / Comments Off on The Power of the Small Slice

Recently the focus of my coaching has been working with Agile teams to prioritise work. It’s been challenging. But not because ‘everything is priority #1’, but more because their work is too big. “But they HAVE to be big! It’s BIG work!” is a common answer, but do they? Is it? What would it mean…

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No update from me today

By Emma Sharrock / August 18, 2019 / Comments Off on No update from me today

I have a confession to make. Every month when I sit down to write this newsletter, I have the same worry: Do I have anything to say? Is any of it interesting? Relevant? What if I look back on my month and see nothing but crickets? Or not even crickets?? What will I say? I…

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Agile; Strengths

The Super Powers of your Agile Team

By Emma Sharrock / July 19, 2019 / Comments Off on The Super Powers of your Agile Team

*** Warning: Avengers End Game Spoilers in this post *** How talented is your Agile team? Short answer: Very. Longer answer: They most likely possess Super Powers. But did you know this? Recently I coached an extremely talented Agile team – let’s call them The Avengers. They are a high performing DevOps team working in…

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Agile; Standup

June Stand Up – Did you finish it?

By Emma Sharrock / July 9, 2019 / Comments Off on June Stand Up – Did you finish it?

And just like that… the first half of 2019 is done. What a fast six months! How has it been for you? As if the cold Melbourne weather wasn’t enough, I took a few trips to Tasmania to spend time with family and enjoy the Winter Feast of Dark Mofo – literally a celebration of…

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Agile; Strengths

Agile: Start with Talent, Finish with Strengths

By Emma Sharrock / June 26, 2019 / Comments Off on Agile: Start with Talent, Finish with Strengths

Recently I was certified as a Gallup Strengths Coach. This was especially exciting, as for years I had loved the concept of strengths; but even though I am an accredited coach, I was very much an ‘enthusiastic amateur’ when it came to strengths. My love of learning encouraged me to learn more, and passion for…

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