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Welcome to another edition of Strengths in Uncertainty! When I first started this endeavour, I thought hard about each Strength, and reflected on how each of my friends and colleagues might be using it. Connectedness is one of my top Strengths, and I can’t help seeing the connection between everything, which meant I realised early that it would be impossible for me to isolate each Strength and speak about them independently. Someone who is doing that very well is Hannah Miller. We refer to her Strengths in Crisis series in our interview, and the interview link can be found below.

Clare Robinson – Strategic, Connectedness, Relator, Futuristic, Self-Assurance

Clare Robinson StrengthsOccupation: Business Owner – Clarety

Clare has always had the talent to connect different concepts and ideas and tap into collective wisdom to create sustainable change for her clients. She truly believes everything happens for a reason, and knows at a deep level that things always turn out for the best. This crisis has called upon her connectedness to maintain this belief, and her Self-assurance Strength has supported her in doing this. This has enabled her to stay true to her course and continue to serve her clients, family and community. Her Connectedness is also supported by her solid strategic strengths that helped her pause and consider her actions after an initial bout of busy work to respond quickly to the pandemic.

We reflected on the need for balance between immediate action and pausing to consider options, and Clare noticed that her initial response to the pandemic was to do something – she took a lot of action early but it resulted in fatigue. She is grateful for her Strategic Strength that ‘kicked in’ to help her stop, think and make a long term plan. We also reflected on her Relator Strength, and how it might not be getting what it needs, as deeper connections are more difficult to form over digital channels. And here I was worried about the Woo people!

Clare and her team can be found at

Link to Hannah Miller’s Called to Coach interview:



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