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The Agile Project Manager QuestionOne of the many things I have loved about publishing The Agile Project Manager is the connections I have made with others. These connections I may well have made by just being interested in all things human behaviour and Agile Project Management, but it’s more than that. People have been buying the book (yay!), and even better than that they have been contacting me and asking me questions about the book. You see, it is one thing to buy a book, it is another thing to read a book, and it is even another thing completely to buy, read then want to know more. On average we retain approximately eleven percent of any book we read, so the fact that you are out there, reading and recalling information (and wanting  more!) makes me very happy. I’m especially thrilled if someone catches up with me and refers to a page number. Yes, that has happened. A few times actually. You know who you are!

The Cost of Brevity

The average business book is 30,000 words, so I wanted to make sure when I wrote The Agile Project Manager I did not overstep that too much. The aim was to be informative without overwhelming the reader with information. When I was researching the book, I came across a book written about Agile Project Management that was nearly 400 pages long. A number of reviews had commented on the length. It is much easier to write a longer book than a shorter book, because you need to really think about what it is you want to include. And what you want to leave out.

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead” – Mark Twain

Answering your Questions

That meant there were a number of concepts I referred to but did not dive into the detail you may need. And it has worked out really well, because I have had the opportunity to connect with many of you to talk about these concepts either through formal speaking engagements, coffees, emails and phone chats. I welcome your questions as they tell me what it is, as readers, that you need from me. So keep them coming. And while I enjoy engaging with you one on one, I thought many of you would benefit from some of the answers.

So… What do you want to know?

Over the next few posts, I will be answering some of the questions I have answered already one on one or at speaking engagements. Stay tuned! In the meantime, keep your questions and conversation going.

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Emma is the author of The Agile Project Manager: Thrive in Change with Agile. An experienced change leader, Emma is passionate about working with people to facilitate successful change. Emma utilises Agile techniques, coupled with the Agile mindset to coach leaders and teams to achieve their business goals.