Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the thresholdHave you ever had a big (or small) decision to make, and you simply did not know what to do? So did you delay making the decision? Did you worry you would make the wrong decision? Did you feel pressured into making A decision? Recently, I wrote a blog post about how to make great decisions. You can read it here. So, why is it that we make decisions? Why is it we find ourselves at a cross-road? Well, this point is a critical one in the Hero’s Journey, because it is at this point the Hero (that’s you!) chooses to Cross the Threshold. And when you do this, it’s like an invisible line that feels like you can’t go back. When Neo took the red pill in the Matrix, there was no going back. When Frodo headed off to Mordor there was no going back. And I’m sure you have had moments like quitting your job, ending a relationship or hopping on a plane, where going back was not an option too.

No going back

And how did it feel? I know I’ve had what I like to call “tight underpants” moments. Those moments where my stomach has been full of butterflies and my palms sweaty. Although, we all love a peaceful life, it is in these moments that we really grow. It is in these moments where the Hero becomes the Hero of their own story and goes on to do great things. Crossing the threshold can be as simple as making a decision to do something different. It could be telling someone how you feel. It can be hard.

Choosing not to cross the threshold is also a decision. Opting for something easier, or giving the hard road a miss is also a decision.

And there’s still a long way to go

Like I talked about in my post about fun runs, crossing the threshold is only the beginning. ANYONE can make a decision to enter a race. Anyone can quit their job or walk away from a relationship that is not serving them. Anyone can agree to do a difficult project. It’s what you do next that matters. Now, I’m not saying don’t take the red pill. I’m saying the red pill is only the start of the journey. So when we cross the threshold, it must be with our eyes wide open, and be prepared for what is next.

It doesn’t stop crossing the threshold from being exciting though. Celebrate your decision. Revel in your ability to make a choice. Then knuckle down and get on with your journey.



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Emma is the author of The Agile Project Manager: Thrive in Change with Agile. An experienced change leader, Emma is passionate about working with people to facilitate successful change. Emma utilises Agile techniques, coupled with the Agile mindset to coach leaders and teams to achieve their business goals.